Sunny Saturday

More ramblings from this ancient mind.

A World Apart

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience:
this is the ideal life.” 
Mark Twain

The sun continues to shine on this April day when really, we are into Autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees and/or turning from green to brown. The days are shorter, the mornings darker, but the sun continues to shine and still has a lot of heat in it.

Today was one of those days, warm and wind free (note this is the Windy City) and we took advantage of it. I am one of a group of four not-quite-old women who are close friends and who call ourselves MAS, the Mutual Admiration Society. I have written about this group of octogenarians who still consider themselves to be only middle-aged and often act accordingly.

Even though we meet regularly through the week for coffee or lunch, once each month we plan something special. Usually…

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5 responses to “Sunny Saturday

  1. Youknow here we are, the NZ MAS in sunny autumn whilst we linger in persistent winter! Enjoyed your day vicariously!

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    • But soon the tables will turn and you will be telling us about sunny Saturdays in Kitchener Ontario and we will be having miserable days in Wellington New Zealand


  2. I reblogged from from here instead of AWA!

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  3. What a wonderful group! Enjoy.


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