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A conversation about Scandinavian sea monsters, things that aren’t, and hard times.

A World Apart

My eldest son came to town this weekend to take me to lunch and as usual we engaged in stimulating conversation.

We went to one of his favourite spots here in Kitchener.

Not an Irish bone in the family tree, so to speak, but we do embrace the idea of all Irish and of course great food.

A bit of catch up about this and that and then some things about the state of the world.

He quoted from G. Michael Hopf’s novel, Those Who Remain:

Hard times create strong men.

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men.

Weak men create hard times.

Now that wisdom can actually be traced back to at least the ancient Romans. It’s cyclical as so many things in life are.

I had mentioned how after the second world war my father talked about how the world got through the first great…

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Autumn Cometh!


Age is the acceptance of a term of years.But maturity is the glory of years. — Martha Graham Once again, it’s my turn to write a post and a blank …

Autumn Cometh!

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