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On This Day

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal.
It’s the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

On this day, April 3, 2022 in Wellington New Zealand, we are celebrating the extra hour given to us because the clocks went back an hour at 3 am. I am tickled by the saying ‘the clocks fell back’ imagining heaps of clocks falling out of the sky.

But on this day many famous happenings occurred around our world –

On this day :-

  • 2004 : Five suspects in the Madrid railway bombings blew themselves up in a building outside the Spanish capital.
  • 2000 : Microsoft Antitrust case.
  • 1996 : Theodore John Kaczynski is arrested by the FBI accused of being the Unabomber, the elusive terrorist blamed for 16 mail bombs that killed three people and injured 23 during an 18-year period. 
  • 1987 : The late Duchess of Windsor’s ( Wallis Simpson )Jewels has been sold for £31m ($50m) during an auction in Switzerland.
  • 1993 : The English Grand National ends in chaos after a series of events at the start including protesters getting onto the track near the first fence and ended with only some of the riders competing in the race. The decision was made by the Jockey Club to declare the race void.
  • 1974 : Following the start of the investigation into the Watergate scandal, President Nixon was also facing serious questions about his taxes and agreed to pay $432,787.13 plus interest in back taxes for the years 1969 through 1972.
  •  1974 : 148 tornadoes hit North America from Georgia to Canada within 16 hours and at times there were as many as 15 separate tornadoes on the ground at one time. The Super Outbreak affected a total of 11 US states and Ontario in Canada.
  • 1972 : Following the invasion of North Vietnamese on South Vietnam The United States prepares hundreds of B-52s and fighter-bombers for possible air strikes to blunt the recently launched invasion. 
  • 1968 : Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “mountaintop” speech to a rally of striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn., less than 24 hours before he was assassinated.
  • 1955 : An express train is derailed and falls into a canyon near Guadalajara, Mexico leaving 300 dead after the crash.
  • 1954 : Oxford ( Dark Blues ) wins the 100th Boat Race by four-and-a-half lengths from Cambridge ( Light Blues ) in rough conditions on the River Thames. Note This was a race watched by almost everyone each year and a very important day to this young Oxford supporter in London..
  • 1948 : U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs into law the Foreign Assistance Act, commonly known as the Marshall Plan which channeled more than $13 billion in aid to Europe between 1948 and 1951.
  • 1936 : Bruno Richard Hauptmann is executed in the electric chair for the kidnapping and the death of the Lindbergh baby
  • 1860 : The Pony Express a new faster mail service using riders on a horseback relay instead of the traditional stagecoaches begins service between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif. 

And who was born on this day?

  • Marlon Brando – Born April 3 1924 Omaha, Nebraska. Died July 1 2004 Los Angeles, California
  • Eddie Murphy – Born Edward Regan Murphy, April 3 1961 Brooklyn, New York

And if you want any more trivial and probably useless information, feel free to spend a couple of hours on the internet, as I have.

That’s it from this ancient mind for another day.

JB April 3, 2022