The Academy Awards were a Reminder

A World Apart

And that may be exactly what transpired last evening.

I have never been one for award shows because they tend to jump right off my own weirdo-meter. It always struck me funny that supposed accomplished actors fail repeatedly to project happiness, warmth, and genuine display of good character on camera and without a script.

The other odd thing is that we seem to judge actors by the characters they portray, so when one consistently comes across as endearingly charming and funny and cute in roles we often think that is what they are like. And of course that is ridiculous.

I suppose we all project a persona in public that is not entirely representative of who we truly are. It is just a part of the whole. Actors and actresses (although some females want to be referred to only as actors) just do it to a greater degree than we.

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One response to “The Academy Awards were a Reminder

  1. Thanks for the reblog. Most masks are benign I think but someā€¦

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