Ah, Words!

More words.

A World Apart

Choose your words carefully. For though words are free,
it’s how you use them that may cost you.”
Judith Baxter

I have always loved words. I like the sound of the spoken word, I like the sight of the written word, and I like to see how words look when written by different hands.

I have written often about words on my other site Growing Younger Each Day. Now today I would like to have some fun with words.

Do you know kangaroos? No, not the marsupials, but the term Kangaroo words.

kangaroo word carries within its spelling (in normal order) a small word that is a perfect synonym for itself.   The etymology of the phrase kangaroo word is derived from the fact that kangaroos carry their young (known as joeys) in a body pouch; hence kangaroo words carry their joey words within themselves.

An example of this is…

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