Hope Springeth

Chris once again delving deep

A World Apart

As the first day of spring draws to a close here at North of 43 I got thinking about Hope and how or why we have it.

I mean is it optimism that gives us hope? And then one must ask, ’Where does optimism come from? Has it always been part of the human condition? Optimism I mean.

Before you get to thinking I am delving into depths of intellect never before been noted from me, let me put your mind at ease. The fact is that that I have just finished watching tonight’s weekly TV series Sherlock, (an older series but new to me just starting it’s run in these parts), and now a must watch. Oh, and the tenor (that meaning being the general course of character of something, not the singing voice, that gives such a slant to my words is:

Yup Benedict Cumberbatch

Every word going…

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5 responses to “Hope Springeth

  1. Think I am the classic optimist. I still think I am going to win the lottery. Put another way, the height of stupidity!

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  2. “Where does optimism come from? Has it always been part of the human condition? Optimism I mean.”

    What you call “optimism” is typically self-serving fake hope. Humans have “needed” that because most of them are fake, meaning they don’t like truth and reality — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …. https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Real optimism, real hope is based in truth and reality. An absolute rarity among humans…


    • Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.As a complete optimist I have to disagree with your comment and fake hope. But while we may disagree we can still get on. .


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