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I’ve been saying it for months but now it’s true!

A World Apart

And I am backed by solid facts as per The Almanac.


I think I started saying Spring Cometh about the second day of winter. I don’t usually do this since you know I like all my Canadian seasons, but this year it was a statement of hope, of change.

But now we are within days of this much anticipated event.

Spring/Vernal Equinox in this link from the Almanac has lots of interesting tidbits involving myth and fact, including eggs standing on end. Something I had never heard of but may very well try.

The big day here at North of 43 is March 20, 2022 @ 11:33 a.m.. It is described as the sun crossing the Celestial Equator heading north (when in fact it is the earth’s northern half tilting toward the sun.

It means longer daylight hours and warmer temps to the northern hemisphere and conversely JB and…

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