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The Second Five Word Friday for the First Friday of March 2022

A World Apart

You may remember that JB and LA decided to start a Five Word Friday Challenge for the first Friday of each month. February was the first go around. My FWF is always the second FWF since JB, far to the west and in the southern hemisphere is a day ahead.

Five Words for today

Dogs in Restaurants Illegal – Ontario

Five more words for today:

Allowed on patios – not inside

There is a delightful cafe where I meet friends a few times a week (when we are not shut down of course)

There is a couple that bring a dog in that they hold over the food counter so everyone can appreciate it’s loveliness.

Discussion has taken place a number of times about whether or not this is appropriate. Other owners have started bringing dogs in.

Apparently the owners of Cafe and Pets have decided it is their personal…

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Five Word Friday

A World Apart

Come join us in this new challenge. You know what to do. Describe your life now in only Five words and then go on to tell us more. Remember to link back here when you are done. Alternatively, post your thoughts in comments.We would love to hear from you.

My Five Words?


I was at lunch with three friends in one of their houses. It is acceptable to meet in people’s houses during our current Covid rules.

We had just sat down for lunch when I received a text message from my daughter, Cate. Her text – “Don’t panic I just tested positive for COVID. You need to self-isolate for ten days…” So the planned mah jong game with three friends didn’t take place. Hurried lunch finished, I took off for home.

I had planned to go to the garden centre for more…

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