Daily Archives: March 3, 2022

Home Alone

From the southern part of the partnership.

A World Apart

It had to catch up with us here. Why would we be excluded from the pandemic (sounds a bit like a party when put like that doesn’t it?) Because of the dreaded Omicron now rampant in the commuity, many things are being cancelled here. Particularly those that necessitate going from the north to the South Island.

Maria River Retreat

This week I was supposed to be at a resort in Murchison in the South Island -And just so you know what we are missing out on –
“Situated along the magnificent Maruia River and protected by mountains from the east and west, the Maruia River Retreat is a stunning boutique lodge where guests can relax, reconnect, explore and celebrate.
With only 7 luxury villas within a 500-acre nature estate, guests are welcomed with a sense of being far away from the clutter of everyday life, and invited to find shelter…

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