First Five Word Friday

Come join us in this new challenge. You know what to do. Describe your life now in only Five words and then go on to tell us more. Remember to link back here when you are done. Alternatively, post your thoughts in comments.

OK. So here goes –

Woman vs iPad- the result?

What happens when a 62kg woman (me) sits on her iPad which is resting atop the charger. The screen is cracked beyond any hope of repair.

Looking at the photo I would say without a doubt, that the woman won that round. So tomorrow morning I am off the see whether a new screen can be installed, the cost, the wait time and then decide whether it is better to buy a new iPad.  Woe is me!

And it’s ages since you had a weather report from Wellington, so far away from so many of you. Here it is:

We have been enjoying amazing sunny, warm, wind-free days here in the Capital.  Other parts of the country have been sweltering in temperatures over 31 Celsius, and complaints of humidity and heat have peppered the conversations with friends.  I have smiled because without the excessive heat there is no humidity to complain of.

The garden has suffered because i am not particularly good at watering every day and because of no rain, we are allowed only to use hand held watering equipment.

But has our run of great weather come to a stop?  We were warned that rain was on the way and it came as promised, in a gentle shower here but torrential rain on the West Coast of the South Island where we are told a State of Emergency is in place in Buller because of the rain. And the rain isn’t expected to ease until Sunday at the earliest.

This is a long weekend here as we celebrate the signing of the Treaty between Queen Victoria’s representative Governor William Hobson and the Maori people. Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s founding document. It takes its name from the place in the Bay of Islands where it was first signed, on 6 February 1840.  The Treaty is an agreement, in Māori and English, that was made between the British Crown and about 540 Māori rangatira (chiefs). This day is now a public holiday in New Zealand. 

So, many people will be taking a break but the weather is not good for much of the country for the next few days. 

Oh, and this accident with the iPad is not the first.  A couple of years ago I had to replace one as I was listening to an audiobook while watering, when the hose took a turn to the left and doused the iPad.  What gentle little things are they that cannot cope with being watered (as flowers do a the time)  or sat upon (as cushions and books do all the time).

And now, as Pooh bear says –

“When life throws you a rainy day
Play in the puddles”

Pad,damJB February 4, 2022

11 responses to “First Five Word Friday

  1. This will be fun! My five words tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Look forward to it.


  3. Woman vs. iPad — who won? Loved your five words, though I changed them a bit. I hope the screen can be restored inexpensively and that you will be inordinately happy with it. Breaking tech items is not the way to serenity.


  4. No pressure at all and. I only ask because you said you changed the five words and I thought that meant you had written. Lots going on in everyone’s life at the moment. Here in New Zealand we are getting used to the fact that omicron is in the community. Take care; keep safe and warm.


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    • Yes Cindy. We are all now tied to our devices and cant imagine life without them Today’s good news is that a friend whom I used to help in her business gave me the tablet I returned to her several years ago when I stopped helping her. Now all I have to do is try to work out this device after using an iPad for years.


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