Update to Yesterday’s Post

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another
“What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”

C S Lewis

Firstly, apologies – I didn’t give you the link to the earlier post on Africa. If you read it through you will see what I missed. – Related articles – Musings from Africa.

While I was able to open the post in the morning, I sent a comment to the blogger –
Many years later looking back on some of my earlier posts , I came across yours. In rereading, it is more attractive to me, but I think you have to be born there to appreciate its beauty, both in the people and the beauty that surrounds everyone. Are you still blogging? I can’t find anything from you for the last few years. I hope if you are no longer blogging it is because you found something else to do. With best wishes from far away New Zealand

Imagine my delight to receive a response this morning –
Dear Judith, thanks for your kind words. I have indeed stopped blogging in English as it is my second language.
I have continued, with some periods of inactivity, to blog in Afrikaans (my first love). If you still read Afrikaans, even after years in NZ (as are some of my closest friends), my Afrikaans musings (and fiction) can be found at https://wordpress.com/posts/julioagrella.wordpress.com

I have yet to respond and tell her that I don’t speak Afrikaans.

Until tomorrow.


2 responses to “Update to Yesterday’s Post

  1. Dear Judith, I am sorry to hear that you don’t speak Afrikaans, but then, I don’t speak any of the other 9 official languages (and a myriad of supportive languages) in South Africa.
    And this Julio is a man (named after my Portuguese grandfather, just to add more languages and cultures to the mix.)
    Please continue to make memories one day at a time, after all, sometimes its all we have.
    Julio Agrella (from the Outeniqua mountains on South Africa’s garden Route)


    • Thank you for clearing up a confusion as to names. I had called you Eliza.
      And now at my vast age, I am 83 and looking forward to making memories one day at a time. My connection with you will be a good memory of today. Take care


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