This is from Catterel at A message of Import I think

A World Apart

These were the first words I read this morning upon waking and set The Intention for the day. I have reblogged this to my Bridgesburning site but for some reason could not here so it is a simple copy and paste. Thank you Cat!

Here’s a lovely idea from the small town of Buchs in the Rhine Valley, Switzerland.

On 1 December, a large Christmas tree was erected in a small passageway by the businesses operating there. A feature of this was a “wish box” placed under the tree, where people in need or residents of homes could place a “letter to Santa” with their particular wish for Christmas. These varied from such tiny items as a packet of paper handkerchiefs or a box of chocolates to more unusual services like someone to accompany a woman with low vision on a walk or someone to mow a lawn for an…

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One response to “This is from Catterel at A message of Import I think

  1. Thank you for re-blogging my post, Judith. Might start a trend!


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