A World Apart

The other day Shelley@QuaintRevival replied to a post of mine and made the statement, ’I am where I’m meant to be’.


In responding, I found myself hesitating, and for a moment was not at all sure I was in fact, Where I am Meant to be.

The first most ridiculous thought was – no, not everything is perfect. Found myself laughing. What in life is ever perfect at least for more than a moment. Can perfection exist in a non-static environment? Would I even want perfection? Wouldn’t it be boring?

Then, shocked that I would even think that being where one is meant to be has anything to do with the impossible ’perfect’ anything.

I’ve never believed entirely in fate, but do have my suspicions, so if it is possible to be Meant to be Somewhere, does that mean some kind of Fate or Life Intention exists?

I guess…

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2 responses to “I AM WHERE I’M MEANT TO BE

  1. Great post. Where we are is both a product of choice and fate. It doesn’t have a final destination however until life is over. Time is constantly changing and I think where we needed to be is where we must at a given point of time.


  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, and for the support.


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