Definitely a Dull, Dirty, Dreich kind of day at Northof43

A World Apart

It’s a balmy 6C here today, and when I left the Cafe this morning a gent said it was more like a March day than wintery December. It won’t last long.

I’ve mentioned before that I visit virtually with my mini-me cousin in Edinburgh every day, and this is the kind of day she calls ’dreich’. And a better word does not exist.

Dreich- a Scots adjective in the short version that means dull or gloomy, and in the long is described as: long-drawn out, protracted, hence tedious, wearisome, damp, wet, grey weather. Yup that is today.

Perfect photo by Yann Allegre on Unsplash

The way it rolls of the tongue it embraces the very fibre of the day.

The first recorded use of the word was apparently in 1420 and originally meant ’enduring’ or ’slow’.

Dreich has been named (in some sort of a poll) the most popular Scots…

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