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Hope Springs Eternal but Inspiration is often Accidental

Thanks. Now I know the subject of my next blog. I have re-blog this on growing younger.

A World Apart

Thursday 25th Nov’21

The painting above hangs in my living room and for a lot of reasons, to me, represents Hope. It has its own story but that is not the purpose of my visit with you today. This is less about Hope and more about Accidental inspiration.

JB and I FaceTime every week as you know, me late afternoon on one day and she early morning the next day. It’s always interesting and frequently an inspiring couple hours of chat, laughter and general world-problem-solving sort of time. One of the the things we frequently bemoaned of late was the question of how we were able to blog every day years ago but could not today. Then we talked about our followers who had stayed with us over the last ten years and those whom we follow.

She had gotten on to a wonderful blog called Murder is Everywhere found…

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