Attractive Differences

A World Apart

It’s a balmy 6C here at 43.4516 N Latitude today, while my friend basks in an approaching New Zealand summer. Why balmy you ask? The morning started out at -2. As a rusty trusty Canadian I have a rule. Below zero I wear leggings under jeans and clothes to venture out. I suppose if I had long underwear that would be my garb of choice.

I must say I love winter, and summer, well, all the seasons. First snow, go outside and breathe. The air has a crispness and purity that I can’t find any other time of year. Went the ground and trees are covered in thick snow the world around takes on a quietness only experienced in winter. I used to think I wanted to live with palm trees all year round and in fact lived in south Texas for a couple of years, and thought I would…

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