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Attractive Differences

A World Apart

It’s a balmy 6C here at 43.4516 N Latitude today, while my friend basks in an approaching New Zealand summer. Why balmy you ask? The morning started out at -2. As a rusty trusty Canadian I have a rule. Below zero I wear leggings under jeans and clothes to venture out. I suppose if I had long underwear that would be my garb of choice.

I must say I love winter, and summer, well, all the seasons. First snow, go outside and breathe. The air has a crispness and purity that I can’t find any other time of year. Went the ground and trees are covered in thick snow the world around takes on a quietness only experienced in winter. I used to think I wanted to live with palm trees all year round and in fact lived in south Texas for a couple of years, and thought I would…

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Another Difference

A World Apart

Good morning from a sunny, still, and warm, Wellington Thursday. Well warm to us. We have a very temperate climate – no really highs or dreadful lows. So Summer heat for us, requiring air-conditioning, open windows and doors, and trips to the beach, is a balmy 25/26 degrees. And warm? 20 degrees is warm for us.

You may not know but Wellington is classed alongside Chicago as being one of the windiest in the world. So on a still day like this, we celebrate.

And we are the first country to see the sun each morning. So while it probably is still Wednesday where you live, today it is Thursday here.

Today I am going to a friend’s for lunch. She lives over the hill. Well I always tell Chris that anywhere else in the world, one would call the Rimutaka Hill a mountain, but in New Zealand…. Oh yes…

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