A Sad Goodbye

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sue.jpg“I am a Yorkshire born painter and writer, living in the south of England. I paint the strange things that come as images in dreams and fantasies and write about life as it happens. 
I was raised in a spiritually eclectic family in a landscape where myths and legends were
woven into the stones, and have always had an intimate relationship
with the inner worlds and the understanding that all paths are but spokes on a wheel, 
leading ultimately to the same centre.
It is not the path that one walks that matters, but how one chooses to walk it.
                             Sue Vincent

I am very grateful that so many years ago I discovered WordPress and the joys of blogging.  Over time I have met many folk: some have become friends and two have become sisters of choice – Chris at Bridges Burning and Dor at Country Living. 

Many have come for a short while and then moved on but many more have stayed true and while I cannot name them all here, they know who they are.  Darlene is always there to comment and support as are Catterel, Nancy, Donna, SallyAnn  and Lois to name a few. Others we have bid goodbye either because their life has changed and they are following another path or in a few sad cases, life has ceased.

But one who has been there probably from almost the beginning is Sue Vincent.  Sue it is who writes daily on many and varied subjects, always with a purpose and always managing to bring to mind something on which to dwell for the rest of the day. She also kept us involved; she wrote poetry, had several books published, was an artist and so much more. So it was with much regret that after reading today’s post from the indomitable Sue, I had to reblog it.  Click here to read it.

Along with 19,500 (and counting) followers, I have to say “Goodbye and fly freely to your next stage, your next adventure wherever it may find you.  Know you will be greatly missed.”


18 responses to “A Sad Goodbye

  1. This will be an event no-one will want to witness and yet Sue’s passing will be noticed as she remains unforgotten.

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  2. What a lovely post about Sue!

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  3. A lovely post about our dear Sue. She is so loved and has made a difference in all our lives.


  4. Thank you for this tribute. Sue’s Last Post is beautiful and inspiring. She will lave a huge void for many people.


  5. To my sister of choice so close but so far away. How fortunate we are to have found important and rewarding relationships as we blindly search through cyberspace. Saying “Goodbye” to someone we have found there and love can be as difficult as bidding farewell in real life.


  6. It seemed wrong to click the “like” button on such an occasion. A post like this throws up many different emotions. Not least of all, a feeling of guilt from the relief after my first confusion, thinking yesterday’s shared post was yours.
    My good wishes go out to anyone and everyone who needs them at this strange time, and Needless to say, in glad you’re OK too. 😀


  7. It is sad to miss a friend in this life, but we know that is not the end, just a transition. Thank you for letting us glimpse into the next steps of Sue’s journey.


  8. So sorry for her passing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, endearing tribute to an amazing , wonderful person. 🙏♥️


  9. So sorry. She will be greatly missed by all that she inspired and whose lives she touched. Beautiful tribute to an amazing Person and Writer.


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