Winsome Weekend

This has been a busy, exciting weekend.

On Friday I had been asked to attend the opening of the Art exhibition at the Karori Arts and Crafts Centre to write an article for the local suburban newspaper. I have had some things published in newspapers in the various places I have lived, but have never been asked to provide an article. So that was a first.

The evening started when I arrived at the Centre to be surrounded by 116 artworks, hanging on all the walls.   What an amazing sight. The works were to be judged in three categories, Traditional, Contemporary and Drawing.  In addition to the major awards, one further piece was given a merit award in each category.  I am pleased I didn’t have to judge.  The judge was a well known and much admired Wellington artist who had a long involvement with Karori Arts and Crafts. 

A fun couple of hours spent mingling with the winners and also many other artists.

Saturday dawned and as my No 3 grandson was home for the weekend, we had brunch at one of my favourite restaurants. Drew, his mother Cate, his girlfriend Alyse and me.  I love spending time with my grandsons and listening to their take on life.

Saturday was also General Election Day and what a landslide victory to the incumbent Prime Minister and her Labour Party.  If you have any interest in politics in this far-flung part of the world, you might remember that at the last election in 2017 they didn’t win, but with the assistance of a couple of the minor parties, they were able to form a Government.  And Jacinda Ardern has proved her worth through three major crises during her three-year term – the Christchurch earthquake, the Christchurch terrorist attacks and of course, Covid. So she and her crew deserve another term.  But already people are saying that the Labour-led government didn’t keep all the promises made in 2017, so what will they not do during this three-year term.

In addition to the General Election, we had two referenda on which to vote – he legalisation of cannabis and the End of life choice. We are told that the results will not be available for two or three weeks.   

So to Sunday.  After the excitement of the last two days, I was happy to stay home, reading and writing and returning a couple of things I purchased yesterday, one of which was a kitchen trolley. This was a flat pack and I know I cannot put things together, no matter how easy I am told they are.

Flat pack car
Flat pack cat

But all is not lost. The kindly gent in the store offered to replace my one in the box for one he had just made up for display. So another good thing to report for this weekend.

And now it’s time to write a memory for our Memory Writing group tomorrow.

For those of you just starting your day, I hope it’s a good one. Take care and remember to be kind to yourself. You’re doing the best you can. And as always, remember too –

13 responses to “Winsome Weekend

  1. Wow, you have been busy! Hope the coming week brings you rest as well as activity! Btw, I do like the font you are using.


  2. That’s marvelous that your flat pack became three-dimensional because of the kind man. The cat picture? Unbelievable! The art show sounded interesting. Was the article easy to write?


    • Oh Anne, I’m so sorry that I missed your comment. In fact, I missed four of the comments on that busy weekend. Thanks for bearing with me waiting for this tardy response. Keep well.


      • It’s easy to wait when you don’t know you are waiting! I was behind reading and commenting two days ago and thought I’d never catch up. I hope your very busy weekend was a pleasant one.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a busy, fun weekend for you. I got a new phone and it was supposed to be easy to deal with. I´ve been back to the shop 3 times already! Eventually, it will be “easy”.


    • Hi Darlene. I can only add my apologies for the tardy response to your comment. Somehow, today, four of the comments on that post appeared in my inbox. All Hallows, witches and warlocks, perhaps? Take care.


  4. Hello Judith- all of a sudden your blog post appeared in my inbox! What a wonderful gift to receive this morning. Glad to hear all is well with you! Stay well and keep doing all your interesting things!


    • Well, Jenna, I don’t know what is happening on the blogosphere. Your comment that I see was sent on October 19, has just arrived in my inbox, together with the following one from Lois.
      I hope you and yours, are managing to stay clear of the virus and to have some semblance of normal back in your lives.
      We have been very lucky here in many ways. We are an island nation so no shared, borders, we have a young prime minister who is not afraid to make difficult decisions. and she and her government tackled the problems early. So while we have our fingers and toes crossed, we think we are on the right side of this pandemic, but of course, there are always those who deem themselves above the law to the detriment of all of us.
      Take care of each other wherever you are in our wonderful but hurting, world.


  5. A delightful read this early morning here in South Dakota. What a full week you’ve had. Congratulations on being asked to write the article! And I follow your politics after visiting you and your lovely country just before Covid. We are having much going on too, not all positive—Covid surges, pre-election rhetoric, protests. And we’ve just had our first freeze and snowfall, so we must brace for winter weather for probably six months. But all is well with me and my family. I’m thankful for being comfortably retired and out of the fray. And I’m almost finished with the book I’ve written about my husband’s terminal cancer, fulfilling his wish that I get it all down. Have a blessed day!


    • Hello Lois and as I said to Jenna above, I don’t know what is happening in the blogosphere. Both your responses arrived in my inbox today 13 days after you wrote them. It is rather like snail mail.
      I don’t envy you your freeze – that was one of the major reasons we left Canada and came here. But we have had a very windy Spring and now, after a few good days, I am convinced Summer is around the corner.
      Well done on your new book. Will it be available generally? I should like to read it. Take care.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays my friend. It’s been a very different Thanksgiving this year but still as wonderful because we chose it to be. Thanks for sharing your world, mind and heart. Truly amazing.🙏 stay safe always.


    • Thank you for your kind words my friend. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here and i am so glad that t you chose to make it happy, even if rather different. We are looking forward to Christmas in the sun. Although as i write this, its pouring rain. Hugs and good wishes from our little corner of the


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