Goodness, It’s Saturday Again


“It’s a serious thing just to be alive
on this fresh morning in this broken world”
Mary Oliver

On Thursday we moved down to Alert Level Two from Three.

And now I’m musing about the imposed, and necessary lockdown.

Usually, the week is defined by various activities on specific days: I am out and about daily. But now days follow days with nothing to differentiate one from another.

Yesterday, there was a highlight. A much-needed visit to the hairdresser, many weeks overdue.

And what have I learned in these eight weeks of lockdown?

  • Even though I am a bit of a social butterfly I have learned to amuse myself.
  • I have looked inward and once again have turned to meditation. This was my shield when my husband died all those years ago.
  • I have read and listened to countless books and have discovered new authors.

  • I have walked around this neighbourhood, finding new paths, walkways and streets never before known.


  • I have learned that just because shops, restaurants and cafes are open again, I don’t have to go there.
  • And I have learned It’s OK Not To Be OK.
  • And mostly I have learned how very fortunate I am. There are so many for whom to mourn, so many without support of family and friends, so many being unable to distance themselves from crowds, so many…

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Rumi, 13th-century Persian poet 




6 responses to “Goodness, It’s Saturday Again

  1. I have learned those same things! I have also learned how to use Zoom which I love. Your hair looks fabulous! My hairdresser comes to my house so I was so glad when she was able to a week ago. I´m in no hurry to rush out. Let´s give this thing some time. xo


    • Oh yes, Zoom and Facetime, now after so many weeks they are just normal everyday things. Take care and keep safe. I am not rushing into anything.


  2. We’re still locked down in Illinois, so I’m still learning how to cope with all this. While I’m at nature an introvert — and quite adept at amusing myself solo — there are lots of things I miss. Getting to the salon is just one! Your hair, by the way, looks great — isn’t it something how, when we look good, we feel good, too??!


    • Hi Debbie. Yes. When the hair just isn’t right, my life isn’t right. I am going today to meet up with my son and daughter in law. I haven’t seen them since they went on holiday on March 9. They came home to lockdown. So things are gradually getting to a new normal here.

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  3. Your hair looks lovely. I’m debating every day whether to take the scissors to my fringe or wait till it grows out! I think it will eventually grow out … and I’ll have shoulder-length hair again!


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