Sunday’s Sunshine Saunter

“I have met with but one or two persons in the course of my life who understood the art of Walking, that is, of taking walks – who had the genius, so to speak, for sauntering: which word is beautifully derived “from idle people who roved about the country, in the Middle Ages, and asked for charity, under the pretense of going à la Sainte Terre,” to the Holy Land, till the children exclaimed, “There goes a Sainte-Terrer,” a Saunterer, a Holy-Lander.”
Henry David Thoreau, American essayist, poet and philosopher. 1817-1862

My walks these days are more a saunter than a brisk walk. But while sauntering  I have time to take in the sights and the scenery. Yesterday, I ventured further into a park that houses the outside swimming pool. Nobody was in it and I omitted to take a photo of this sad, deserted area, But I did get some others.

The street leading to the park

Deserted play area

Almost a country lane
but so close to town

I wonder where this drive leads.

The path through the woods

0FEC6764-1FA5-4B28-8C0B-CA4845D40003The path not taken

And so, as the day is drawing to a close on an. autumn day, I make my way home again to a warm drink and my book.

When we walk, we naturally go to the fields and woods:
what would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall?
Henry David Thoreau


7 responses to “Sunday’s Sunshine Saunter

  1. Love that etymology of saunter – thank you! And may you long continue to enjoy your saunters. I hear NZ is lifting the lockdown.


    • A thousand apologies for the delay in responding. No excuses. I have plenty of time – well don’t we all? So thanks for the comment and yes, we have been in Alert Level 3 for one week. The PM appears to be leading us to the next step although there are still too many people ignoring the rules, gathering and holding parties and driving way outside their region, but there will always be those who choose their own wishes and wants over the common good. Wow. I am glad I got that sentence off my chest.
      Take care in your corner of this troubled and beleaguered world.


  2. The solitude we normally would crave in the woods takes on a new meaning in these times of too much separation from our previous lives. What once was comforting is now eerie. I felt similarly yesterday “sauntering” around my block. No one was out. A few cars were out, thank goodness. Later, when a solicitor rang my doorbell—the kind that normally would annoy—I answered gladly and wanted to invite him in for tea. I knew then that I’ve about had it with my solitude!

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  3. Lovely walk, Judith — thanks for letting me enjoy it vicariously!

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    • Thanks Debbie. Apologies for the tardy response. No reason or excuse. I just missed it. Thanks for commenting. You may be interested in my response to Catterel above to see where we are at in the pandemic.

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  4. A very nice place to saunter!! Enjoy.

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