Tuesday’s Trundle

We are still enjoying lovely warm, late summer days here in Wellington; but we are reminded that it is autumn/fall because the leaves are turning colour all around us.

Taking advantage of this weather, I have been walking each day. Just around the neighbourhood and I am finding out that it’s a delightful area in which we live. Today I found a new park and walkway. I have often walked past the sign to Cummings Park next to the local library; today I decided to visit it.

The park forms part of the Northern Walkway, a walk of 16 km around our capital city. One can enter it at various points and one day I shall go further from this starting point. I have walked most of it in parts and at various times. This is a new find for me.








And then, because it is Autumn and the nights are drawing in, I hurried home as the sun and the temperature dropped.

“When I’m in turmoil, when I can’t think when I’m exhausted and afraid,
and feeling very, very alone, I go for walks.
It’s just one of those things I do.”

― Jim Butcher,  American author. 1971 –



13 responses to “Tuesday’s Trundle

  1. Enjoy your walks and stay safe my friend. You have a lovely neighbourhood.

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  2. That’s great that you found a new walk. If I lived there, I’d walk to the creek every day. Your photos are lovely.


  3. Beautiful, beautiful photos! I felt like I was on the walk with you. I have had enough of cold and damp here in the northern hemisphere and anticipating summer, or spring, or something, but your beautiful views make me wish I was there.


    • Oh thank you for reading and now following my blog. We are so fortunate that we have different walks in the bush around our capital city, and the walks are easily accessed from almost anywhere.


  4. Lush! I can almost small the trees. Reminds if the time I talent recently at the Wellington Gardens. Lovely!


  5. Oh dear. Please correct my typos!


    • Good morning Lois. I hope all is well with you. We are lucky to have this town belt around our city where we can walk in the country while being so close to the city centre. Take care: keep safe.

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      • I’m good. Just starting to feel a hemmed in a bit but I can take a walk around my neighborhood, not as nice as yours probably, but pleasant. We’re in a hot spot now so need to have patience.


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