Five Sentence Fiction

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As you know, I enjoy joining Tara at The Thin Spiral Notebook and her 100 words challenge. Would you like a new challenge?

Some time ago I also played along in a five-sentence challenge. No limit on words, just limit the sentences. The site no longer exists and so I thought I would re-establish it. Please play along. Each week I will give you one word as inspiration.

To show you what I am looking for, click here to see my effort using STEAM as the inspiration.

So ready to start? Using only five sentences, the prompt word is DIVERSION.

I hope you play along. And please link back to this site so others may see what you write. Good luck. Have fun!

“The trouble with writing fiction is that it has to make sense,
whereas real life doesn’t.”

― Iain M. Banks, Scottish author 1954-2013

8 responses to “Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Divert your eyes from FaceBook

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  2. Maybe I need my eyes checked when this is all over. LOL. I’ll try again.


  3. Clean the house. Walk the dog. Read a book. Bake a cake. Any diversion to keep one’s mind off the pandemic and what may happen to our world.

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  5. Well as usual you have inspired me and I did a post and linked to you my contribution. And of course there is a twist to it. Hmm does that make me your Twisted Sister of Choice?

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