I have complained long and hard about our summer this year, or more precisely,  lack of it. Bt now, and for the whole nine days I have been here, the sun has come out of hiding at last.

I am currently dog sitting for my son and daughter in law while they are in Rarotonga for two weeks. They live within minutes of the beach, so this really is a mini holiday.

Theirs is an idyllic setting, Apart from the proximity of the beach they have a pool which is very well used, but not by me. I would rather watch others enjoying themselves.


Walking Time!

But currently, there is only Daisy Dog and me. She is without a doubt the best-behaved dog ever. When I take her for a walk along the beach, or even through the streets to the store, she just walks along beside me. if only Lottie had been that well behaved/ well-trained.

So in the midst of the drama and confusion around the pandemic, I am enjoying my solitary time here.

I trust you are all well and managing to continue living without too much angst.

16 responses to “SUMMER’S FINAL DASH

  1. The stay at your family’s home sounds lovely. I’m close to the beach here in Mexico and when I find I’m getting bogged down, a walk on the beach with my dog lifts the spirit. I hope we all stay grounded during this turbulent time. Take care of yourself Sending positive thoughts out to the universe.

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  2. It sounds wonderful! I’m very jealous… I’ve heard that NZ is imposing restrictions on international travel, etc. Are you seeing the same in the Cook Islands?

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    • Hi Barb. I live in NZ; my son and daughter in law are visiting Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Our borders are closed to all except NZ citizens and permanent residents. The Cook Island travellers were exempt from having to self isolate for fourteen days, but last night the exemption was lifted, so they will have to do so.

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  3. It sounds like a lovely time for you and the company of a well-behaved dog is perfect!

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  4. So enjoy this solitary time as much as you can, Judith.
    Take care of yourself and of Daisy Dog! 🙂

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  5. Please, take very good care!


  6. That’s great that you are having a peaceful time near the beach.

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  7. Just reading this JB feels like a mini holiday to me!


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