Re Palindromes

Following yesterday’s blogpost, I must point out to my US friends that we put the day in front of the month. So even though my sister thinks I am wrong 2 March will be 02-3-20, April 02-4-20 etc at least here in NZ, Australia and Britain.





5 responses to “Re Palindromes

  1. And in other non-English-speaking countries (Europe etc.) So I think you can assure your sister that those who write DD/MM/YYYY outnumber those in the USA who invert day and month (I wonder why they do that?) We’re going to have to wait over a hundred years for the next “absolute” palindromic date (12.12.2121)


  2. Christine in Los Angeles

    So, now I know how you abuse me, when I
    don’t keep up with your posts!
    Perhaps I won’t tell you, you have another, on
    November 12 -11-21.
    No, I’ll share it where I’m appreciated.
    (I’m seriously miffed!)


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