Another Palindrome


Here in Aotearoa/New Zealand, we are almost at the end of this day February. 2, 2020. And as I was writing in my journal i saw it was a numeric palindrome – 02.2.20.

And then of course I realised that the  second of most months this year will also be palindromes. The only two that don’t fit are October and December.

Isn’t it amazing the things we dwell on when there is nothing more exciting to think about?

And then I thought of a palindrome that can be read not only from back to front but also from up or down..Yes, I am sure you’ve got it – NOON

Of course, we all know some palindromes

A man a plan a canal panama: Madam in Eden I’m Adam: Do geese see god  and so on.

And a couple of short ones. – an Italian one amore, roma. And borrow or rob.

But do you know AIBOHPHOBIA? It is a fear of palindromes. Yes, really.

And with that,  I will say goodnight,












12 responses to “Another Palindrome

  1. Interesting. But my brain has a hard time figuring out palindromes. I leave that to you puzzle folks.


  2. Lovely – thanks!


  3. I love the name for the fear of palindromes. Thank you for that great tidbit.

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  4. Palindromes are so cool.

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  5. Palindromes, phobias et al . I love them all.


  6. Christine in Los Angeles

    TATTATTAT is the longest, single word palindrome, in OED!


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