I have enjoyed following Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook for several years.
She is a writer of fiction, an artist, photographer and so much more.
She is an inspiration.  And I particularly like her 100 Word Challenge.

But today I saw that it is ow 16 months since I last entered the challenge – so here goes!

“I’m too young to retire,” she said. “What would I do with my time?”

Sitting around  the dinner table, she was upset that her husband who had recently retired, thought she should do so too.

‘We can go on trips together” he said. “Buy a Winnebago and travel to all the parts of the country we have never seen just as we always said..”

And now, three months later she couldn’t imagine not being retired.

After so many years working and with no time pressure, they had time to get to know each other again  as they travelled the country.



8 responses to “Retire

  1. Nice to have you back accepting the challenge. Good job! Now I can’t imagine not being retired either.


  2. Well done. Sometimes when couples retire and get to know each other better, they realize they have nothing in common and don’t even like each other. Oh, dear. I have seen this a few times. 😉


  3. Similar to my experience! Hesitant to retire early, wondering how I’d structure my time, then retiring and never looking back.


  4. I’m looking forward to when my Mister can retire. I’m plotting our RV trips already.

    (I was so glad to see your name pop again… you’ve been missed.)


  5. Thanks Tara. Glad to be back.


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