Another day in the life of

Yesterday here in Aotearoa was a beautiful autumn day, warm, bright sunshine and all was well with my world.

We welcomed Gabriella Isabel into this world and I celebrated with a proud grandmother.

At the end of the day, the news was not so good. I was no longer celebrating. A friend had succumbed at last to the cancer that was invading all parts of her body. She originally had breast cancer at about the same time as I had mine; I had radiation therapy, she had chemo.  A not unexpected death,  but hurt and grief nonetheless.

Next, I heard from a friend who is in the hospice for a few days while they sort out her medications. This is a woman whom I met following my misadventure in 2016 and who became a friend as we tried to get back into the real world. Unfortunately, her results were not as good as mine and were exacerbated when cancer was detected.

I mused deep and long on two friends, both of whom had the same problems I had but with such different results. And once again I thank whichever god is looking after me. Thanks for this fine body that knows how to heal and allows me to continue along this long journey we call life.

But then, my heart was lifted when I had dinner with my daughter, her friend and my number three grandson and girlfriend. Dinner was lovingly prepared for us by the young ones and much talk and laughter surrounded us for the next hour or so as we shared thoughts and told tales to each other. A perfect panacea.

So the day started and ended with joy. Then reading this post from my friend and sister-of-choice, Chris at Bridgesburning, (obviously written after I shared my day with her), I realised that this was indeed, a day perfectly depicting life.

So today’s another day. A day for meeting friends, sharing thoughts and rejoicing in the fact we are alive. And again more thanks for family and friends who help at times of loss and on whom I depend.

“To live in this world you must be able
to do three things
to love what is mortal;
to hold it against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go.”
Mary Oliver

14 responses to “Another day in the life of

  1. Thinking of you in good and not so good


  2. How wonderful! You are an inspiration each day as we share life on opposite sides of this planet. You are both Blessed and a Blessing.


  3. I enjoyed reading about the ups and downs of your day. Life is precious!


  4. We have to take the good with the bad, don’t we? I am both happy and sad for you. The Mary Oliver poem is perfect. Thanks.


  5. I love that poem and am going to jot it down in my journal. Thank you for that. I have had a great deal of loss lately and it is truly so difficult, isn’t it? But we have to allow ourselves to be surrounded by those that lift us up and allow us to laugh when we are feeling all of those feelings. Hugs and love across the miles to you .


    • Beth Ann thank you for the comment. I know you are grieving for recent losses, and for your mum. We must all accept the love and help given by friends and family when we are in need of it,
      And hugs and love to you. Though we are many miles distant, and a generation apart I feel we are friends.

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  6. One never knows what a day may bring. I am glad you were surrounded by the love of a family. Perfect poem! Stay strong, Judith.


  7. Birth and death and life in between to be lived and loved.


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