Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.  
It means that you look beyond the imperfections 
and smile.” 
Judith Baxter 1938-




As you know,  here in New Zealand we greet the New Year before anyone else in the world.  I remember the excitement when 1999 became 2000 and we had an influx of visitors from around the world rushing to the East Coast to be the first to welcome in the New Century,  Now though, we are safely ensconced in the century and we greet 2018 as any other New Year.

I am not going to tell you of my Resolutions – they never last the month of January and my Goals?  Well, they are written down and will be looked at no doubt, from time to time as we move through the year.  Instead, I should like to look back on 2017 as a year that was good for me and my family.  No major illnesses, few visits to the doctor and four very strong young men making their way in this world, to a grandmother’s joy. Unfortunately, a couple of friends didn’t make it to December 31st and others are battling life-challenging illnesses.

So I consider my family to be among the lucky people of this world.  But many others have not been so lucky.  Today we heard of several motor accidents, boating accidents and a light plane that fell out of the sky, in this our time for celebrations and fun.

Terrorists were active from Manchester and London, to Paris, Barcelona and several cities in the USA.  These attacks appear to have been carried out by disenfranchised young men who have bought into the story told by ISIS and their supporters.

Hurricanes, heatwaves, earthquakes, below-freezing weather, tsunamis, droughts and forest fires have all plagued our world this year.

Homeless people inhabit our capital and other cities and so many children go to school poorly dressed and hungry.

And wars are waged constantly.  Why has nobody woken up to the fact that if you continue to do things in the same way, you will get the same results?  Why can’t we Give Peace a Chance?

Here in New Zealand,  we have a new Government led by a vocal and energetic young woman.   She has already stood up to Donald Trump.  This Government is determined to ease the lot of our poorer people and already in its first 100 days appears to be making a change.

We read and watch in amazement the antics of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un,  Theresa May among others and thank our lucky stars that we live here in our corner of Paradise on the other side of the world.

So what am I looking forward to in 2018?  My family always say that I am like Pollyanna.  But I look forward to

  • Peace being declared among the fighting factions.
  • Safe housing for the homeless
  • Sufficient food for everyone and a
  • Happy and joyous year to you all.

And now to change the tone of this post I share this with you from Bridget Jones’ Diary:

“Resolution number one: Obviously will lose twenty pounds.
Number two: Always put last night’s panties in the laundry basket.
Equally important will find a sensible boyfriend to go out with
and not continue to form romantic attachments
to any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics,
peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional fuckwits or perverts.

And especially will not fantasise about a particular person
who embodies all these things”





4 responses to “Reflections

  1. May this New Year be special in every way… bringing you the gift of love and excitement.
    (01/01)From Japan to friends all over the world; Happy New Year! ! @Sakamoto2Ryouma


  2. Well put, Judith. We all need to look after our corner of the world, and if everyone did, perhaps your wishes would come true! Have a splendid 2018, Judith, full of love, happiness and contentment.


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