The End of the World

Do you remember December 21, 2012, the day, according to the Mayans when the world was going oi end, Just had to reblog this one.

I choose how I will spend the rest of my life

end of the world

So today according to the Mayans the world is going to end.  I’ve given this some thought and decided to

  • Spend all the money in the bank account
  • Buy everything I ever wanted and max out the credit cards
  • Complete everything on my Bucket List that one can do in a day
  • Mortgage the house so that I can do all of the above and more

But then I had the thought – what if the world doesn’t end today?  Oh then I shall be in a whole lot of trouble.  Dug in so deep I may never see daylight.

So back to my normal if humdrum life.  What do I want to talk about today.

Well – there is only 3 days 11 hours and 24 minutes (who cares about the seconds when we are so close) until Christmas.  How about you – click here to see.

And I…

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4 responses to “The End of the World

  1. Thank you for this, Judith – I had a vague recollection of this, but wasn’t quite sure of the exact date. Well, we have got through the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and can look forward to a minute or two more of daylight from now on. The opposite for you of course – but a happy Christmas all the same.


  2. Hello, Cat. Yesterday was Summer Solstice and what a lovely day it was. And now our days will begin to get shorter but we have many more weeks of summer to look forward to. Have a lovely, if cold, Christmas.


  3. I remember that! And here we are still here. Thanks for the reminder just to live each day as it comes. Cheers and Happy Christmas to you!


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