Another View of Christmas

I just found this from 2012 and have to ask the same questions 5 years later. Nothing has changed

I choose how I will spend the rest of my life

“An eye for an eye
will make us all blind.”
Mahatma Gandhi

After all the cheerful Christmas posts I have been writing and reading, I remembered this video – Happy Christmas (War is Over) from John Lennon.

Lennon was murdered on 8 December 1980 and so it is obviously many years since he sang this song but  what has changed?  War is still being raged around the world; people are dying; children are being maimed; people are starving; people are being punished for their beliefs; bombs are still being manufactured by countries who deny this; prisoners are being inhumanely treated….  Will we ever learn?

And compare that video with the words of Imagine

Wouldn’t that make for a Very Happy Christmas

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7 responses to “Another View of Christmas

  1. Still a very relevant post. Nothing has changed.


  2. Dear Judith: I am about to publish the ‘Happy Christmas’ song that you were referring to and I am going to include a link to your last blog. I agree with you: Nothing has changed. Thank you for blogging about it. For sure, a lot of sad things are going on all the time. None the less, I do hope you’ll be able to get some cheer out of the Christmas Season and beyond. I find that gatherings with family or friends are always something to feel happy about. We may feel very sad at times, but hopefully be able to overcome this sadness in order to keep on living and be there for other people.
    Hugs and cheers to you and wishing you all the best for this Christmas Season!
    Love, Uta 🙂


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  4. I am in tears. No, nothing has changed. Killing is a pastime.


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