On This Day

Sunday, November 17 was a cold, foggy day in 1957.  All those years ago and I was a naive young girl sitting painting my nails and talking to my family.  Excited, yes and somewhat scared at what I was getting myself into. what I was about to do.

Wedding photo

Our wedding 1957

This was the day I was going to marry my Dashing Young Scotsman.  Oh so many years ago.

I clearly remember sitting in the car on the way to the church with my own, supportive Dad who asked me again was I sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the young man waiting at the church.  He told me that there was still time to change my mind.  Of course, I was sure and no I didn’t change my mind.

And the Dashing Young Scotsman became the son my Father didn’t have.; his own son having died as a small baby.  My parents loved him as did my sisters.

So on this day 60 years ago, I married my soulmate and for the next 41 years, we celebrated the fact that we had found each other.

What a long time ago, no doubt before many of you were born, but what a glorious day it was for me.  And how glad I am that I didn’t change my mind on the way to the church.

“Circumstances or people can take away your material possessions,
they can take away your money,
and they can take away your health.
But no one can ever take away your precious memories.”
Judith Baxter, Blogger, Mother, Grandmother, Friend





















23 responses to “On This Day

  1. What a beautiful couple you were!


  2. Thank you my American sister.


  3. What a beautiful picture.


  4. You two look adorable. What a nice memory. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Oh Judith. What a wonderful and moving post. Simply amazing.
    Wow, I was 6 when you two got married. Now I’m just 3 days away from being 66. Who sneaked the extra 6 in when I wasn’t looking!
    All the very best. Chris.


  6. Happy anniversary to a striking couple!


  7. How beautiful dear friend. Thank you for sharing with us that precious day!xo


  8. What a lovely memory, Judith. You look beautiful and your Scotsman looks dashing and handsome.


  9. 60 years ago!! You made a striking couple, and I’ve enjoyed reading snippets about your Scotsman. John and I have been married 53 years now. Time passes quickly.


  10. Precious and romantic post!


  11. Wonderful post! You did get married before I got borned. 😀


  12. How lovely is that, and what a precious memory of you and your father as well 🙂


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