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And On This Day

On this day, September 19, 1893, women in New Zealand were granted the vote. The women in New Zealand were the first world in the world to gain this right.

Kate Shepherd

In an interview on Radio NZ this morning, Charlotte Macdonald had this to say about this day

Kate Sheppard, the leader of the campaign for women’s right to vote in New Zealand, argued that women going to the polls was simply “just”. The “foundation of all political liberty”, she explained, was “that those who obey the law should be able to have a voice in choosing those who make the law”.

Parliament “should be the reflection of the wishes of the people”. A “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”, she argued, “should mean all the people, and not one half”.

Here in New Zealand, we have a General Election on Saturday, September 23.  We have had a lively few weeks with both major parties battling for the prize of forming a new Government for the next 3 years.  The protagonists, one experienced leader of the party that has been in control for the past nine years; and a new, inexperienced leader of the other major party having been a Member of Parliament for nine years.  So will experience or the new young blood prevail.  We will have to wait until Saturday to find out.

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Note:  Charlotte Macdonald is a Professor of History in the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations at Victoria University in Wellington

A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen
tomorrow, next week, next mon
th, and next year.
And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen
Winston Churchill