Oh no, I’ve Done it Again

Just when you think you have lived enough years and used a computer for many of those years, you do something that is indescribably “stupid”.

Now I am not saying I am stupid, but what I did today was certainly stupid.

I was looking for an email I received last week, unsuccessfully I might add, when I saw just how many emails were in the boxes and so decided to clear them.  Yes, you guessed it.  This ancient mind cleared all and every one of those emails.  So now I can’t find anything.  So if you have sent me an email you now know why I haven’t responded.

Back in August last year, I wrote a post Can You Believe It? in which I bemoaned the fact that I had lost all the work that I did during my Life Coaching days because I hadn’t saved everything from one computer to the next.  So who would have thought I could do anything like today’s activity.

Well, this crazy elderly lady .is alive and well in Wellington. Note Grammarly suggests using the word old in place of elderly.  You know we don’t use old in this house.

So with no emails to read what shall I do today?

Bowl of soup

I started by making soup.  Mushrooms and broccoli in the fridge so that was the basis and having had some for lunch, I can report that the result was good.

Then after lunch, time to read the blogs that I follow.  I must say the writers of these posts are a fairly eclectic bunch.  I read about a house being built with all that goes with it; another queried and mused reality or not, and another showed us the path of Irma heading to Florida, and yet another thought about the  two monsters with monstrous egos about to shatter our world; and how about a fictional time when children and all they know and are, are decided upon by their parents with the help of a machine/computer. And of course, I continue to follow the progress of Wai the potbelly pig being loved and cared for in a small farm.

A good range of things to think on and comment on.



Image stolen from Jeff at jccsst-random.blogspot.co

But my thoughts for today are closer to home.  We are supposedly in Spring but alas, one good day does not a Spring make or words to that effect.  Monday was Spring.  Since then we have had torrential rain and winds that Chicago readers would be proud of.  The Met Service warns “A strong and unsettled spring-time northwesterly flow lies over New Zealand this week, delivering periods of heavy rain to western areas through to at least the weekend”.  And we are told “unprecedented” rain has burst river banks and forced the rescue of tourists amid a chaotic morning of weather around NZ.”

Two American tourists were trapped in their car overnight. When they awoke their feet were in water and they had to be rescued by the Fire Service.  They are unharmed but wet and miserable.

Tornadoes, lightning strikes, thunder and more rain are forecast for the rest of this week.  We live in a long narrow country, surrounded by water so we expect this.  But not in Spring.

And now the rain has stopped so I shall take advantage of that and go for a walk, before returning to be a beta reader for Joss Burnell.  She is my blogging friend, sister of choice and a published author who lives in Cuenca.  This will be her third book and I am keen to get back to reading about her heroine/protagonist.




7 responses to “Oh no, I’ve Done it Again

  1. I’ve joined up for the geriatrics too, Judith. 🙂 🙂 Just the other week I had to embarrassedly email my lovely friend Tish with the request to resend her email. In one swift easy blow I’d deleted all the details of where we were to meet! I’ve stopped responding to likes over at mine and some days i feel like I need to tie a hand behind my back to stop me doing it, but at least I no longer have Inbox pressure.
    How did you become a betareader? It sounds an interesting thing to do. Do I need qualifications? Wishing you a peaceful interlude of weather, though I’m not sure that any such thing exists any more 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment. I remember looking at my mother when she did something odd and thinking I will never do that. The best laid plans….
      And Beta reader? I sent an email to an author when I discovered many errors in her book. Since then I have worked for three other authors without pay but I do know you can make money doing this. I guess searching Google is tge way to go. Good luck


  2. I sympathise! A few months ago I reached for a cup of coffee all the while thinking, don’t spill in on your computer. The good news is now have a new computer!

    Spring is elusive up here as well but at least the days are getting longer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Thomas not the best way to get a new computer. I remember many years ago hearing Zig Ziglar tell of hearing one woman saying to another after spilling her drink “I just knew I would do that”. His comment then why did you do that? Subconscious wins every time. Enjoy your new conputer.


  3. Darling Judith, you be able to bring up your deleted files unless you did a double delete? Being thorough and all.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yup. Double delete. All gone.


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