Another new word for me today.  You may know that I am a pluviophile – a lover of rain.


I have written about walking in the rain several times in the past.  More particularly last year when the only independent way of getting around was to walk.

And today I found another new word Petrichor – the smell of the earth after the rain.

Wikipedia tells us “Petrichor (/ˈpɛtrkɔər/) is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Greek πέτρα petra, meaning “stone”, and ἰχώρ īchōr, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.”


I am sure you all know that smell.  It’s almost as if the earth is saying, OK time to wake up and start reproducing the flowers, trees, vegetables etc.  I love that smell and am so glad that I found the word.  But I do wonder when I shall use either or both of these words and in what context.

We haven’t had any rain for several days so I am sure I shall smell petrichor again soon and  I am sure that some of my friends in the Northern Hemisphere would welcome a little rain at present.

And now, as I don’t have anything else to share today, I shall go out for coffee with my daughter and then return to read more of your posts this afternoon.

But first, I shall drink this cup of tea.


No matter how dark the night we know that whatever happens,
the sun will rise tomorrow 
and then all the shadows
will be chased away.”
Judith Baxter 1938 –




















17 responses to “Petrichor

  1. We had rain today, and we commented on liking its smell. There is nothing else like it.


  2. Lovely word. I suppose that we could claim to be petrichorophiles? We have had scorching weather lately but yesterday evening a storm broke, and this morning is overcast and slightly drizzly still. Petrichor is everywhere!


  3. After weeks of dry hot weather, we had a bit of rain here on the coast of Spain and the smell of petrichor made me feel happy. Thanks for this great new word. Enjoy your coffee with your daughter.


  4. Reblogged this on bridgesburning and commented:
    My sister, not of blood but if choice, who dwells in a land down under, NZ, wrote this, but her thoughts are mine, and after all, I love a rainy night,….and day and the smell of the earth after…way to go J.


  5. Great new words, Judith! How nice to have a word to describe that earthy smell…now if I can just remember it!


  6. Thanks for the new word! Growing up in dry, dusty South Texas, I remember the haunting smell of those first raindrops on the dusty earth. Now I know there is a name for it. Of course, I am a pluviophile also. And the sun will always come out tomorrow!


    • Thanks for the comment Jo. Thanks for dropping by. I love new words and am happy to learn even more. I love sharing them with my blogging friends. I hope someday to be able to use both of these words but where or when?


  7. The way the world smells after a cleansing rain is wonderful…and now I know there is a word for it.


  8. Me too a pluviophile ma’am.


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