More New Words

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” 
― Rudyard Kipling

I have always been mesmerised/entranced/spellbound by words and in this, I am joined by both my sisters.  I suspect this is because our father was similarly mesmerised/entranced/spellbound.


Last week I came across the word multifarious and while I was sure I could guess at its meaning I looked it up.  It means having many varied parts or aspects.  And then a couple of days later, one of my sisters of choice, Chris at Bridges Burning posed a question that asked for one word to describe yourself.   Chris chose Flotsam as her word,  and Celi at the kitchen gardens chose eclectic, and I chose multifarious because I think it absolutely describes me. What word would you choose?

And then, my ever resourceful sister in Los Angeles came up with

I’m now trying to find a sentence in which to use this lovely word.  That is of course if I can work out how to pronounce it.

Note:   According to Stephen King

“Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus
is the wrong word.
There are no exceptions to this rule.”

And who am I to argue with the master?

And turning to the Oxford English I find that logophile is the noun to describe a lover of words.





25 responses to “More New Words

  1. absolutely true


  2. Thanks ksbeth. And I have just added the word Logophile meaning a lover of words.


  3. Logophiles all! And suffering from logorrhoea, too! I love calipygian, but alas it doesn’t describe me. Think I’m more barypygian (if that word exists!),


  4. I’m with your sister in LA and shall describe myself as callipygian from now on. It may be an ass-et (sorry) in someone my age.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  5. I am just another logophile! You always come up with the best words.


  6. There is another blog I read today that has callipygian in it, Obsolete Childhood. Weird. When I was young callipygian would have been an apt word for my butt…now it’s just big.


  7. I may appear as callipygian or multifarious but in fact am only jetsam


  8. logophile…love that word! Couldn’t resist.


  9. Thanks for the new words!


  10. Hi it’s a pleasure to find you knowing the fact that both of us share the same passion which logophilia


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