I’m English; I drink Tea; I ask.

A couple of months ago I mentioned my strawberry tea set. And today we had tea but not in my tea set, rather in delightful Rosenthal cups.


Can anyone tell me why tea tastes so much better when drunk from a thin, bone china cup?  Even a bone china mug is not as good. This is just one of several problems on my mind today.

And why does it seem OK to have a “toes up” in the afternoon when you are away from home but not when you are at home?

Can anyone tell me why tidying dishes etc around someone else’s kitchen seems less onerous than when doing the same chores at home?

And why when you are away from home, do the shops have a better choice of things than your local shops?

And why is the sky bluer, the sun warmer, the air clearer, the waves better and the sea more inviting, when you are away?

13 responses to “I’m English; I drink Tea; I ask.

  1. Oh I love the strawberry tea set! And yes! A million times yes!! I don’t know why but tea definitely tastes better coming out of a sweet bone china tea cup. No doubt about it.


  2. I love your questions. Home is just too familiar I guess. Everything seems better when away. Although most of us still like our own bed best!


  3. Deep questions! If you find answers that satisfy you, please post them. I would answer the one about shops by saying I am more alert and actively looking at things on display when I am in an unfamiliar store.


  4. I do love a bit of bone china myself. My theory about things feeling a bit better when your away, even though you are doing the same things is there is less responsibility about it


  5. Wonderful questions! But what is a toes up? I love those swirly thoughts!


  6. Intriguing questions! I agree with your observations. Your tea set is lovely!


    • Hello again, Jo Nell. It’s pretty and makes me feel good when I use it. My daughter in law gave me another one for Christmas, so come on over and we can each have a cup of tea from our own pots and into the bone china teacups,


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