The Eight

Those of you who have stuck with me for any length of time, know that I am obsessed with words and the English language. We all learn at a young age certain rules for spelling the words.  And probably the one that we all remember well after leaving our English classes far behind is I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C.

But hang on, there are exceptions to the rule and the exceptions prove the rule.  Here I have to say that our English teacher, most appropriately named Miss English, told us that the comment was that exceptions probe the rule.  Which did you learn?

But wait, how does the exception prove the rule? Wouldn’t it do just the opposite? Doesn’t it prove that the rule does not hold for all cases and is therefore not a rule at all?

Today when noodling (my sister’s word) around the web I came across this.  And I just had to share it.

I Before E.jpg

Oh and another new word, just in case you aren’t impressed with The Eight.  Do you know this word?


Thanks to my sister in Los Angeles for this.  And as I said to her, I always thought I was the dancer in the family.Here endeth tody’s English lesson, except for this quote that I found once again noodling around the web.

Here endeth tody’s English lesson, except for this quote that I found once again noodling around the web.


Drawing on my fine command of the English language,
I said nothing.
Robert Charles Benchley.American humorist, and
newspaper columnist


26 responses to “The Eight

  1. Thanks! That i before e rule has always eluded me. This will help. I didnñ realize there were only 8 words that didn´t follow the rule. I also love learning new rules and I tend to balter a lot. Have a great weekend!!


    • Oh baltering around the house reading and responding to comments from my friends in the blogosphere BTW Grammarly doesn’t recognise baltering but it does recognise balter…


  2. I too learned that the exception proves the rule. What a great word balter is, though I haven’t heard it before I think it perfectly describes what do when a decent song comes on the radio and I’m up on my feet. Out of the way of any windows of course.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • As I said to Darlene, I am baltering around while reading responses from my friends. What? Grammarly doesn’t recognise baltering? Hugs to you.


  3. Balter -wonderful word! Thanks


  4. Thank you for the morning lesson. I will repeat that sentence to commit it to memory, while I balter in my kitchen. After coffee of course. I hope you enjoy your day.


  5. Did not know there was a word for what I do on the dance floor. Come to think of it…have not been ON a dance floor since Noah was a baby.


  6. Although in deceive and conceited the rule applies, that’s still a nice little quote!


  7. I love my newly adopted word – balter! That is exactly how I dsnce. 😊


  8. I loved that i before e chart. We always spoke of “proving” the rule. Like you said, it makes no sense.


  9. Rachel McAlpine

    As for me, it’s the word “balter” that appeals. That’s what I do every week in our dance group, Crows Feet Dance Collective: I’m a faltering ballerina.


    • Didn’t we all imagine we were ballerinas when we were small? So what’s wrong with continuing to dance/balter in our later years!


      • Rachel McAlpine

        It’s perfect, and now scientific research is affirming the truth of that hunch: dance is good for older people for multiple reasons.


  10. Delicious! The very fun of it all just feels …we..delicious!


  11. Oh, I can certainly balter! Thanks for the new word. Cheers for the weekend!


  12. I’m going with the American quote 🙂 🙂


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