Friends in Far Flung Places

“Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another
“What! You too? I thought that no one but myself …
CS Lewis 1898-1963 – Four Loves

We are so lucky to have all the things available to us that weren’t available in our parents’ time.  In particular, I mean Skype.

I have just finished a call of 1 hour and 20 minutes to two of my sisters by choice, Chris at Bridges Burning and Joss at Joss Burnel Author.  And yes, the link to Joss’ blog is all about me.  How’s that!

Anyway, we have this weekly chat and get together.  Three women, who are true friends but who met through the wonderful world of blogging.  Very far apart in miles but so close together in friendship and love.  How I wish Skype had been available when my parents were alive.  How much better it would have been for all of us, especially the children, to have been able to have long family chats whenever we wanted to.

Now back to today.  Unfortunately, Chris is recovering from a bad cold and departed early in the call to lie down and recuperate.  That left just two of us.  I’m particularly interested in Ecuador and what it is like as an expat living there.   Joss and her ‘sweetie’ Gerard have been in Ecuador for about 3 years (I think) and they are thriving.  Joss has a group of friends with whom she shares time and experiences and writing.  And Gerard? Well Gerard does what Gerard does.

Having just finished a successful Writers’ Conference, Joss and her cohorts/friends are just organising another conference for next March and I thought I should like to go.  Oh I know it’s so far away, but we can all dream can’t we?  And I even looked up flights.  Well yes, one can get from Auckland, New Zealand to Quito, Ecuador for about $12,000 return economy fare.  I didn’t even look at Business Class. But I think I shall have to wait until somebody has some specials on flights to Ecuador, or maybe I’ll win Lotto tomorrow. Note to self – buy Lotto ticket.  And Joss, it isn’t a 7 hours flight as you had earlier thought, it’s it’s one day and 4 hours.  Oh yes, we have already laughed when you shared your thoughts on the time of the flight.

So now, having been brightened on this autumn day by speaking with my friends, I shall spend the rest of the day, reading and drinking tea and looking forward to next week’s chat.


I found this on Pinterest. I hope I’m not impinging on anyone copyright.






















12 responses to “Friends in Far Flung Places

  1. Really true is that..
    Friendship is like WiFi with no passwords and unlimited Data access,you enter to their house and connects automatically


  2. It’s quite marvellous that we can see and hear and speak with one another this way. Flights between our two countries? Not so marvellous.


  3. I love Skype too and had a three-hour chat with my daughter the other day! I also Skype with my 88-year-old mother from time to time. She thinks its magic!


  4. I’ve never thought of using Skype with bloggers. I’m actually quite shy till I’ve done the ‘face to face’ meet up but I have to admit to having made some wonderful friendships that I would never have imagined pre-blogging. Follow your dreams, Judith. What’s to lose? Happy Easter!


  5. Hi Judith, It is wonderful to stay in touch with people around the globe like never before. Keep looking for airfare deals – $12,000 is so high! When I fly from Ecuador to Minnesota, USA, I find it more cost effective to buy one round trip ticket to Miami, then a completely separate ticket to Minnesota. Perhaps you could find better deals doing something like that. Hope you make it to this beautiful country!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador


    • Hi Emily. Thanks for the comment. I think there is an American Airlines flight that I could take for a lesser
      amount. Meantime I keep looking at Webjet to see if there is an opportunity. And if I do get to Cuenca maybe we might even meet up.


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