Trouble with WordPress

Today has been one of those days.

First, I lost a blog post that had been published, it attracted at least one comment.  So I redid that post.

Then my site theme was lost and I have spent the last several hours trying to reinvent what I had.  But I don’t know where that has all gone either.

What did I do to WordPress I wonder?  But I do know that several others had strange happenings on WordPress today.

So let’s hope tomorrow is a better day for WordPress.





8 responses to “Trouble with WordPress

  1. Life is always better with gin! Hope all is now restored!

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  2. I like your new header picture. It will be interesting if your original post shows up again.

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  3. I like your attitude!

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  4. Gremlins and gin at our place, too. Went to our lake cottage to open up for the summer. Oven didn’t heat! Garage door opener on the fritz! Brought my laptop with me- password didn’t work. Oven and garage door are now ok! Laptop is still out of whack but we still had a bottle of gin! Good luck to You!


  5. Good luck, some days are like that. I have some phishing email that requested I open the pdf. I don’t think so. I hope you have a happy reset and pur friend Chris gets to the bottom of her WordPress troubles too. I wonder if WordPress’ ears are burning?


  6. Bummer. What a bother! Shame on WP.


  7. Lol gremlins. That’s the ticket. They’ve been having their way with my blog for several weeks now. Hope we can scare them away soon.


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