Missing Letter 2.


A very interesting challenge from Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook this week.
We are challenged to write 100 words without using the letter A.
Could you meet the challenge?  Why not try.
Go over to Tara’s site and get the rules and then let’s see what you come up with.

But I misread the Challenge.  I thought you had to write 100 words without using the letter A.
In fact, it was without using the letter N.  Hence, the second post.

She woke up to see that she forgot to put the clocks back the hour at the close of summer time before sleep yesterday.

What to do with the extra hour before her?  So she thought she would use this hour either to read posts from those writers she followed or should she read the book she started the day before.  The book by a fresh author, the story that had completely riveted her from the start?

The book of course.  So back to her bed, book and T-cup close by, she settled to read, for just the allotted time.

I found this on Pinterest. I hope I’m not impinging on anyone’s copyright.


9 responses to “Missing Letter 2.

  1. That’s amazing that you wrote the story without an “a” and then reworked it to discard the “n’s”. Wow! To tell a story, I’d need at least 26 letters and a fully functioning brain.

    • WordPress is playing up today. I responded to your comment but it’s lost. So thanks for the comment. I do love the challenge of telling a story in 100 words. I used to follow a site where one told a story in 5 sentences. That was good too.

      • I admire you for rising to the challenges. I wonder about your post that disappeared. Could it have been WordPress playing an April Fool’s joke? Another wrier I follow had a post that published itself and disappeared. Strange!

    • Thanks, of course it should be T-cup. I’ve changed it now

  2. Nice job, sorry about the confusion.

    [I had to edit the links you left in the comments and in Mr. Linky. The ones you used directed to an Amazon listing and to a WordPress log-in.]

  3. The story with no A’s then a rewrite with no N’s. Quite amazing.

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