It’s My Birthday and…

Well, how did I get to be this old?  I think somebody has deleted several decades of my life.  However…

The first email I opened this morning was from LondonWlogger who took me back a lifetime, to a time growing up in London when this area was the playground of three young girls.


Clapton Pond

We passed this on our way to and from school each day.  Did we really understand or appreciate how magical it was to have such a beauty in the middle of a built-up, town area?  I think not.

Lea Valley

The Lea Valley, once a transport river busy with horse-drawn barges and later motorised barges.  It was an industrial area and supplied water for London, sand and gravel.  Now its a lazy, gentle river offering leisure boating.



Springfield Park where three little girls were taken by their mother most afternoons after school.  We lived in an apartment building with no green space to play on.  Many happy memories here.  I wonder if my sisters remember the cave where we played for many hours in the sunshine.

Thank you, Stu, at Wlogger for this post.

So now moving on some 60 plus years, I am sitting in Wellington New Zealand in the sunshine and losing myself in so many happy memories of a childhood spent surrounded by love and these beautiful bits of nature in a busy, busy, noisy city.

Off now, to get ready.  My son and daughter-in-law are coming to take me to lunch and then later, I shall have dinner with my daughter, her eldest son and his girlfriend.  How lucky am I?

NOTE:   All photos taken by London Wlogger. © Copyright 2017.  


16 responses to “It’s My Birthday and…

  1. Happy Birthday Judith. xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. Happy birthday! I saw the same photos on Wlogger earlier and enjoyed seeing them again here. How wonderful that you have lovely memories of this area!


  3. That’s great that you can spend your birthday with family, Judithl Your beautiful pictures highlight some lovely memories. Happy Birthday, Judith, and wishing you many more lovely memories! Cheerio, Uta 🙂


  4. Happy happy birthday sounds like you are having a beautiful day. Life goes by so fast


  5. Happy Birthday My far away friend. I hope you find many joys and peace this day and those to follow.


  6. Happy Birthday. Great pictures and nice memories. Your birthday plans sound very rich and perfect. Enjoy!


  7. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


  8. Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays! From Malta where we are vacationing.


  9. Happy Birthday Judith! Many many more healthy years!


  10. You ask how lucky are you? I’d say pretty darn lucky but not as lucky as those of us who know you! Happy Birthday J!

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  11. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday!


  12. Happy belated birthday, Judith! I hope your lunch was special.


  13. Happy Belated Birthday Judith!! I hope you enjoyed your special day!


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