“A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!” ~ Leigh Mercer, 1948″

100-word-challengeTara at Thin Spiral Notebook says “For this week’s challenge, pick two (2) palindromes, or one (1) pair of semordnilaps for your story. Do not include your palindromes or semordnilap pair in your word count – so for this week, you get a 102 word limit.”

I chose diaper and repaid and so.

As I walked into the room, I saw Mother lying on the bed staring into space, showing no interest in anything.  How her life had changed in a few years.  This once vibrant, busy, strong woman was now reduced to this frail old lady lying quietly on the bed.  The illness had taken its toll and would continue to do so.

She was past recognising me and hadn’t for several months. And, as I changed her diaper I reflected on how many time she had changed mine when I was a baby and now she was being repaid as I changed hers.


14 responses to “Changes

  1. Seems like you “paired” up the two words perfectly.


  2. This was so tender. I think about this as my mother ages, and how our relationship will change. Perfect pair for this piece.


  3. The line “time touching them as a feather” comes to mind – life slips by quietly, but it’s good that the narrator was there to care for their mother. It’s a poignant piece.


  4. That is perfect! I am so impressed with your use of the words!


  5. “semordnilaps “? You made that up, didn’t you?

    What a lovely piece.


    • I just wish I were that clever, but I looked it up and the word exists.

      If the word palindromes is itself read in reverse however, the result is semordnilap, a term coined in recent years to refer to words and phrases which make sense when read backwards, but have a different meaning from when they are read forwards.


    • So Peg “A man a plan a canal – Panama” is a semordnilap.


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