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Are you lucky enough to own a car like this?  I have never owned one that was more than 5 years old but can appreciate the beauty in this one and others like it.  Close to where we live is the world renowned Southwards Car Museum and I often used to take my son and later the grandsons there when they were younger.

Owners of these beauties really care for them.  They are certainly pampered.  Kept in a warm dry garage away from the vagaries of the weather; they are regularly cleaned and polished, their motors serviced; primped and polished they are very well cared for.

Well now, I’ve become vintage.  I too am kept in a warm dry house (rather than a garage) away from the vagaries of the weather.  I’m cleaned, polished and primped.  I have regular services, hairdressers, facials, manicures, pedicures, dentists and the occasional visit to the GP.

We all know that with regular servicing and maintenance, cars can perform well for many years after their manufacture and so I plan to keep up the servicing and maintenance of me.

Looking on Google for a quote as I have nothing in my many books, I came across this.

“Recent generations seem to consider ‘old-fashioned’ thinking
as out-dated
and without place in the modern world.
I beg to differ. After all, who has greater faith?
He who looks to and learns from the past,
or the man who cares not for consequence?”
― Fennel HudsonA Meaningful Life – Fennel’s Journal – No. 1

Now off to find out some more about this author.












19 responses to “Vintage?

  1. I’m vintage too (heading for antique) but a little neglected by my owner. Neither primped nor polished and fully lacking in services (according to my manual). I wonder if it’s too late to catch up and get a new warranty?
    xxx Huge Hugs Judith xxx

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  2. I’m declining gently in Margaritaville. Me and my decrepid Lola, a 1993 Winnibego. Oh how she longs for a hobbyist to primp her up! I am enjoying the artistic pedicures I’m getting in my senior years. How nice to take care of ourselves, now that the children are raised. Here’s to our ongoing health and wellbeing!

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  3. Oh, you made me chuckle! I am vintage too but fear I don’t keep myself as polished as I should. Maintenance is important though, and you have done well, Judith. Cheers! (I think a little wine helps!)


    • A friend, unfortunately now dead, used to say that I was high maintenance. My response was that as long as I didn’t ask him to pay for it, he should be quite happy.


  4. It’s important to look after yourself!! Many look after their car, motorcycle etc. better than themselves.


  5. This made me smile. I not only require more maintenance than in the past I have now moved into occasional repairs.


  6. I often think we should be able to go in for a lube and oil, once a year, just like our cars!


  7. Thank you all so much for visiting me here! I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


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