A new chapter …

Love the C S Elliot quote. I’ve turned over the page and started a New Year with hope and joy in my heart

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A new chapter …




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16 thoughts on “A new chapter …

  1. From rainy North Carolina — Happy New Year! It rained a bit yesterday and today, and we are thankful for every drop. Our area has had a drought laced with wild fires in the mountains. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

    • Anne thank you so much for your comment. At last today it’s stopped raining. The weather all around our lovely world is strange at present. It’s supposed to be Summer here it we’re in sweaters. Sorry for your drought, perhaps I can send some of our rain to you. Very best wishes for a fantastic New Year

  2. I have met so many North Americans here who are traveling or who are moving in their 70s and even 80s that I am continually inspired to dream new dreams. I love this for you dear Judith.

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