Spring or the Ides of September

In the northern hemisphere you have unsettled weather in March and we have it here in September.


Image stolen from Jeff    at jccsst-random.blogspot.co.nz


Well yesterday Wednesday)  I said we had all weather conditions in one day except snow, well today has made up for that.  We had a slight fall of snow here in Wellington but we also had hail.  And the Cook Straight Ferry sailings between the two islands have been cancelled all day.  Apparently thee were waves up to 6 metres at times and we have just been informed that the gale force winds reached 130 kmh.  Windy indeed.  Several roads have been closed for the day and we are being warned not to go out on the roads unless absolutely necessary.

So obviously walking was out of the question, instead a friend picked me up and we went into town for lunch and while she popped into her office for a short time, I took the opportunity to do some retail therapy.  See how well I am recovering.

And now continuing with my obsession with words Ive just been reading a  post  from September 9  2011 when i was very new to blogging and was writing every day.  How very disciplined I was then.  It was called Playing with words


“Better than a thousand hollow words,
is one word that brings peace.



In that post I commented onOnomatopoeia and  and came up with a word for each letter of the alphabet.  The comments were interesting as many of my followers like words andI love words.  I like the sound of them, I like to see them written down and I like to see them used by others in different ways and I just like playing with them.

See what you think of my alphabet.  Can you offer other words?  I’d love to hear from you.


4 responses to “Spring or the Ides of September

  1. Haha! Love the image you stole from Jeff.

    Flo Rida

  2. Snow and hail in early September? Oh my!

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