Wet, Wild, Wellington Wednesday


“Pray don’t talk to me about the weather, Mr. Worthing.
Whenever people talk to me about the weather,
I always feel quite certain that they mean something else.
And that makes me quite nervous.”
― Oscar Wilde

Well, we were warned that it was to be a cold wet and windy day.  Apparently there is a southerly storm creeping across the country and nowhere will be immune from it’s effects.  I guess that’s one of the things about living in a small long and narrow country.  Sometimes one just can’t get away from the storm.

Well, as you know I’m a pluviophile and I’m English and like walking in the rain so I got ready for today’s walk.  But discretion took over.  The wind is close to gale force at present and I was told in no uncertain terms to say inside.  So that I did and no walking today.


But today was supposed to be called A Word on Wednesday.  You all know how I love words and get very excited when I find a new one.  Well yesterday I found one –

Peregrinate – to travel or journey especially on foot.  Henry James had this to say about peregrinate – “But I seem to travel, to peregrinate less and less and so I am reduced to living on my past accumulations” But not for me.  I propose to keep walking and finding ever new places to see.


And now after lunch with a friend it’s 4pm and the sun is shining.  The only thing we haven’t had today in Wellington is snow, but we are promised the gale force southerly tonight, so who knows.

And just because I love this, I offer it to you.

Savour Kindness PG museum

The plaque at the entrance to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice














16 responses to “Wet, Wild, Wellington Wednesday

  1. Oh so true, that plaque. And I’m not going to argue with Henry James 🙂


  2. Did you know that the word ‘pilgrim’ comes from the same Latin root, peregrinus, meaning foreign? From peregre – abroad – from per (through) + ager (field) etymology is fascinating!


  3. So being a peregrinating pluviophile you, like Gene Kelly could probably be found “Singing in the Rain”. Get it? Hahahahahah


  4. Or more accurately, journeying by foot in the rain, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


  5. I’m learning some great new words from you…now if only I can remember them!


  6. Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate with your walking plans today, Judith. Rain is one thing. Gale force winds another. Glad you heeded the sound advice.


  7. Peregrinate is a great word. Love your quotes. Glad you stayed safe inside.


  8. glad the extreme weather is almost over Judith. Hello from Lower Hutt! And yes, that plaque is quite edgy!


  9. Well the weather is much improved. So you are from Lower Hutt. I ilved in Pinehaven/Silverstream for a short time with my late partner so got to know Lower Hutt quite well


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