Meandering on Monday


Pluviophile  – I learned this word from a blogging buddy, VivinFrance, who I’m sorry to say is no longer with us.  Still miss her.

I’m English so I like the rain and walking in it – that is of course if I’m properly dressed. And today it’s pouring down.  So I’ll get properly attired and face the rain. I’m so thankful that I am able to walk again on my own.  Until recently I had to have somebody with me when I walked but two weeks ago I was given the all-clear.  So another thing to add to my gratitude list.

Then shortly before 1pm, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  Just to be expected in the NZ summer.  So I decided that rain gear wasn’t necessary and I would go for a walk.  But once I started I didn’t know when to stop.

I started up our long drive and put on the MapMyWalk Ap. Up the drive to the road and then down these 132 steps, then along to the village for coffee. I decided to come the other way home forgetting that it was all uphill.  There were some steps on the way but far fewer (36).   So 3.4kms in 57minutes. Very pleased with myself

Quetta Street Steps.jpg

Once I got home I realised how out of practice I am, so have to do more of this walking to get back into shape.  So a cup of tea, Stacey Kent on Pandora and my book and all was very well with my world.

Books tea

And today I have been given the date for my driving test.  When one suffers from brain injury following an accident, one’s licence is immediately suspended for six months.  My friendly ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) Case Manager set this up for me.  So on October 6, I go for an off-road test and then when I pass that, I will have another test driving my own car around the streets.  Hooray – the final hurdle in this latest “adventure”.

Oh, and those of you have hung in since 2011 will know that this will be my fourth driving test.  I wonder if it will be as easy as the others.







22 responses to “Meandering on Monday

  1. Well done, Judith – I’m very impressed! Good luck with your driving test – I faced a similar situation at the beginning of the year, but the circumstances were complicated so I handed in my licence and am now a train-traveller. It works most of the time, but there are occasions when I really wish I had my car.


  2. Bravo for dong such a long walk. We now have a dog so that gets me out walking more. Best of luck with the driving test. You are remarkable! ❤

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    • Hi Darlene. I have had a dog to walk most of my life but not any more. Getting back to my usual level of fitness is what is motivating me now. And thanks for the encouragement and lovel words


  3. I just read the other driving test posts and am rolling on the floor laughing. I can´t wait to read the next one!! I wonder what will be wrong with the tester this time!!!
    I had to try 3 times before they gave me a license in Canada 40 years ago. I don´t think I will even try here in Spain.


  4. I ‘m a new friend here, but enjoyed your post and soudnsl ike you are enjoying life and staying positive, even in the rain!


  5. Jow I sdmire you Judith! You continue on – turning liabilities into assets – and you do it all with a smile.


    • Hello my other American sister. Thanks for the comment. I’m trying to get back to normal and walking is a good way to do so. It’s 9.30 am and I’m getting ready to go out in the rain again


  6. Yay! Glad you didn’t let the sun deter you from your walk.


  7. Good for you, Judith! You are amazing still. I will have to go back and read the driving tests posts. Keep up the walking and you will be driving before long! We must keep moving!


  8. I miss Viv too. And I’m not averse to walking in the rain. 🙂 Good luck with the test!


  9. There are times I truly look forward to a rainy day, seems to soothe my soul when I’m feeling weary.


  10. Good for you! I a!ways feel better when I get out for a walk. Can’t saying am fond of walking in the rain though I do if it isn’t cold and windy.


    • Well currently if I don’t go out in the rain and wind then I don’t go out. Whatever happened to those lovely days we were enjoying just a couple of weeks ago.


      • Good for you! Exercising in spite of the foul weather. It has been so hot here that I haven’t walked everyday like I used to. Hopefully, autumn will bring relief and I will get some exercise.


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