An Earthquake and Tsunami Warning



It was a rude awakening for people on the East Coast of the North Island.  The reason?  A 7.1 earthquake.  This is the biggest quake on the North Island in 10 years.  Even though it was strong and felt in many parts of the North Island very little damage has been seen as a result.  Of course, there have been numerous after shakes all day.  And yes, I did feel it here in Wellington some 525 kms away1


Santiago, Photo CNN

Santiago, Photo CNN

The tsunami warning was put in place following an 8.3 earthquake in Santiago, Chile on Thursday.

Traffic moves along US 98 as Hurricane Hermine approaches Eastpoint, Florida, on September 1

Traffic moves along US 98 as Hurricane Hermine approaches Eastpoint, Florida, on September 1.  CNN

And of course, we hear about Hurricane Hermine heading toward Florida.  We are told this is the first hurricane to make landfall in 11 years.

These are just three more examples of Nature’s forces that are well beyond man’s ability to control.  We think we are in control but these two examples show us who really is in charge.

But in fact there were many more earthquakes around the world today –

Earthquakes today


PS – after posting this, I thought about those friends who don’t have such excitement in their lives and wondered if it is incredibly boring.


Don’t know who sent me this, but it’s absolutely appropriate.  And I hope I’m not infringing anyone’s copyright.


13 responses to “An Earthquake and Tsunami Warning

  1. Just stay safe please.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Funny how when life is already exciting, I am still lured to reading about exciting news in other worlds. 🙂


  3. Strange indeed! We did not feel it but there was an earthquake in Oklahoma that was felt in parts of Texas. We have not had a hurricane hit this part of the Gulf coast but we are in the height of the season. Hope we are spared another year. Stay safe where you are!


    • Thanks. We have a number of earthquakes but quite low on the richter Scale and so we become a little blase, but when a big one hits it’s quite different. I hope the hurricanes by pass you tis year.


  4. That map did not also show north America where a huge area from Nebraska to Texas occurred. All in the same day. Glad all are safe.


  5. Love the mother nature picture, seems perfect for the times. 😊


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