Saturday Again


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Since my licence has been suspended for six months and I so cannot drive, my son has been picking me up on a Saturday morning to take me home for the weekend.  This is after he finishes work as Night Manager in a local hotel.  It entails my being up and ready to leave at 7.40 am. That’s really early for a retired woman.

Once I slept in and was in the shower when he arrived so kept him waiting for a time.  So now I set the alarm and jump climb out of bed at around 6.45 so that I can be ready for him.  Usually when we speak during the week one of us comments on the Saturday arrangement.  This week neither of us did and consequently my son didn’t arrive to pick me up.  So here I am dressed and ready but with nowhere to go.  I’ll use this unexpected time for ….what?

Never mind.  My son was very apologetic when I called him at 8am and he is going to pick me up tomorrow instead, but at a more reasonable time of 12 noon.  So back to reading and writing for me.

“I’ve been thinking Hobbes”
“On a weekend?”
“Well, it wasn’t on purpose” 
―  Bill Patterson 1958 –
American cartoonist, author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes

And because Ive just discovered Bill Watterson and Calvin & Hobbes I have included this.

Magical world

Have a great weekend.

15 responses to “Saturday Again

  1. Calvin & Hobbes comics have long been favorite. Enjoy!


  2. Well that’s pretty neat. Like an unexpected gift of free time! So you did not get the opportunity to do soup?


  3. Calvin and Hobbes – a huge favourite of my son John. Glad you have an unexpected Sunday afternoon outing now.


  4. I have been a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes for a long time. Once, when I was having a bad time, a friend sent me a book of Calvin & Hobbes cartoons and it gave me the pick-me-up I needed. Glad your weekend is turning out just fine. ❤


    • I’ve only just discovered them. I’ve had a couple of Bill Watterson’s quotes in my quote book but today when I was checking when he was born I came across Calvin and Hobbes for the first time. Note to self sort out all the quotes and save them in computer. That’ll be easier than searching through 10 or 15 books. Thanks for the comment Darlene.


  5. Thanks, Judith 🙂 You’ll now be looking forward to a Sunday treat.


  6. Some time ago, Judith, I handed in my driver’s license because of bad eye-sight. Both Peter and I being in our eighties and Peter having some problems with vision also, I often wonder how on earth we’ll be able to get around in case Peter cannot drive anymore? Maybe, we’ll have to get some scooters!


    • I just hate being so dependent even though family, friends and Driving Miss Daisy are all very gracious about it. But it really does impact on one’s activities. Thanks for commenting Uta. I hope you are both well and looking forward to Spring.

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